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Would you like to cooperate internationally in the wide field of education? Are you already cooperating with international partners? Or are you managind an organisation/institution running international cooperation? Or just planning to start it?
Take part in an open, international on-line survey!

The ERASMUS+ project “First-time international project realisers support network” aims at delivering and sustaining a support portal that gathers all the information essential for international project managers and third sector adult education organisations planning to incorporate international cooperation into their strategies. The project’s other purpose is to establish a European network supporting the initiation, planning and realisation of partnerships as well as European cooperation in the field of life-long learning.

Your participation in this survey is an important contribution to reach these aims!

Your answers are treated anonymously and your IP address will not be saved. Answering the questions takes about 15 minutes.

The research is being realised in Poland, Denmark, Austria, Italy and Hungary. You may fill in the survey in English, Polish, Danish, German, Italian and Hungarian.

Many thanks in advance!

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"ABOUT EUROPE - CREATIVELY. To live – to learn – to be socially and politically active – to work. International conference in Bielsko-Biała, Poland, January 25th, 2019.

The day of 25th of January 2019 there will be an international conference "ABOUT EUROPE - CREATIVELY. To live – to learn – to be socially and politically active – to work" taking place in Bielsko-Biała, Poland.

The aim of the conference is to present the offer of the MyEUPortal, which aim is to gather and organize (under one internet address) information from across Europe to help people better understand the rights they have as EU citizens when living in EU countries other than their own, making the information useful and universally accessible. [the portal will be accessible for testing at the beginning of January 2019]

The conference programme, in English, is available HERE.

Planning to be around Bielsko-Biała January 25th? Please feel invited! Translation into English will be ensured.

You may register here: REGISTRATION TO THE CONFERENCE or contact us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Feel invited!


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The reports concern identified needs, good practices & success stories in the field of successful participation of EU citizens in their host EU countries civic and political life.  The reports include:

1.      “REPORT on STATE of the ART Comparative Summary”

State of the art analysis answered two main questions:

1)      What knowledge and information concerning rights deriving from EU citizenship, and in what forms, are available at the each Partner country level,


2)      What kind of knowledge, and in what form, is needed for the youth to be able to exercise their rights deriving from EU citizenship.

The open on-line survey lasted three months, from mid-March 2018 till mid-June 2018. Four different translated versions were realized: English, Italian, Polish and Hungarian. The survey collected a total of 326 questionnaires: 100 Polish, 115 Hungarian, 100 Italian and 11 filled in English, where respondents came from France, Spain, Slovenia, Georgia, Armenia, Slovakia, and Romania. The results analyzed in this report consider both overall data (concerning all questionnaires collected) and national data specifications.

Read the“REPORT on STATE of the ART Comparative Summary”


2.      “REPORT on GOOD PRACTICES. Research and Analysis of good practices and successful stories of social and political activities of young EU citizens in their hosting countries. COMPARATIVE REPORT”

The National Reports of Good Practices presents a collection of the best practices collected in Poland, Italy and Hungary, inspiring with practical examples and showing the benefits of exercising the rights deriving from European citizenship while living in any EU host country in the fields of:

1) Job mobility,

2) Vocational training and counselling,

3) Volunteering and social & political life activity.

There are 15 good practices & success stories gathered in the Report; 5 for each Partner country.



3.      Youth Citizens Forums Reports.

In the period May – June 2018 thee were 3 Youth Citizens Forums organised in: Jesi, Italy, Pszczyna, Poland andJászfényszaru, Hungary.

The aims of those forums were to

1)      Present and further discuss analytical activities results (on-line research, interviews) and clarify information needs in the field of active European citizenship of persons living in host EU countries,


2)      Developing recommendations for the contents and form of the MyEU Portal – main outcome of the MyEU project planned.
The aim of the MyEU Portal is organizing and gathering in one place (under one Internet address) European information resources on the rights of the European Union citizens residing in a country other than their country of origin, so that they become widely available and useful.

Read YCF Reports:
1. Polish Youth Citizens Forum Report
2. Italian Youth Citizens Forum Report
3. Hungarian Youth Citizens Forum Report

Soon we will invite you to consult the ideas for the MyEU Portal!